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Improve Content Distribution Monitoring

Examples of Our Experience

CDN Vendor Selection Use Case

pureIntegration guided a client to a better and more commercially viable content delivery network. Support included building architecture blueprint, issuing RFI/RFP and selecting vendors.

The client wanted to implement a content delivery network (CDN) utilizing their satellite assets to reduce data delivery hops from the content originator (origin server) to the local distribution point (edge servers). This approach is designed to reduce network latency and live content distribution and improve network reliability.

The client had little knowledge of CDN technology, networking requirements, or streaming technologies and needed help in these specific areas in order to establish a final architecture document and a proper ranking of the vendors.

pureIntegration leveraged their CDN and Satellite architecture knowledge to define multiple designs that would fit their customer needs.

pureIntegration produced an RFI/RFP document that was presented to multiple vendors. Based on their initial feedback, the team defined the final architecture and resubmitted the RFP to the vendors.

pureIntegration produced a recommendation document that determined which vendors to select.

pureIntegration also helped the client understand the benefits of using COTS hardware and software and reduced deployment timelines compared to using dedicated hardware and software.

pureIntegration methodology allowed the client to determine that their initial architecture and vendors selected were not cost-effective and would have led to their solution not being commercially viable.

The final architecture and vendors proposed by pureIntegration helped the client make significant cost savings by optimizing content delivery across the network and simplify redundancy based on (a) the specifics of satellite distribution and (b) network topology.

The recommendations provided by pureIntegration allowed the client to correct misconceptions regarding the technology at hand and select the proper vendors for their deployment.

VOD CDN Deployment Use Case

pureIntegration’s Video Practice Group supported a client’s transition from an on-premise third-party vendor to a cloud-based solution across their massive footprint. Business operational and financial efficiences were realized and the end customer gained an improved experience.

The challenge was to migrate an existing Video On-Demand (VOD) Back Office solution from an on-premise third-party vendor to a cloud-based solution, utilizing three centralized data center locations in West Chester, PA; Chicago, IL; and Denver, Co.

pureIntegration’s Video Practice Group led the deployment engineering of the solution across their massive footprint.

pureIntegration worked on and led a team of engineers who set up the cloud-based servers to provide VOD Back Office operations along with operation of the deployment playbook SMOP.

  • Tool Analysis: pureIntegration researched best tools available to address automation tests needed to prepare and perform actual maintenance window migration activities.
  • Development: pureIntegration designed and developed Python scripts for pre-migration to allow for successful configuration of all VOD edge device information, which was required for storage.
  • Implementation: pureIntegration deployed all the playbook SMOP steps in both a test and production environment, which enabled necessary VOD Back Office operations quality improvements.
With pureIntegration’s help, the client was able to migrate to a cloud-based Video On-Demand Back Office solution utilized by three centralized data centers (previously there were 94 VOD back office servers in the field).

  • The reliable and effective solution significantly improved the ability to provide faster response times and lower maintenance costs.
  • It improved the customer’s VOD experience with a geographic redundancy that minimizes customer impact on site and system failures, improved server stability, diminished operational involvement, and enabled a 400% quicker deployment to this centralized cloud solution.

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Map Your Route To Digital Business Transformation. Download our brochure to learn how we can help revolutionize your business. Download Now.