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Community Internet

Customer Experience & Product Services

Digitize the MDU Customer Experience

We partner with your team to deliver cutting edge digital solutions, building personalization into every digital interaction for improved customer satisfaction. Set your product ahead of the competition with a next generation customer journey, easy to use property management portal, and innovative IoT solutions for both properties and residents.

Deliver Operational Optimization


We help our clients streamline cross-functional work to effectively tackle the trickiest operational challenges. Our experts discover opportunities in manual processes to optimize and automate business operations and our development and integration of back-office systems will allow you to spur further efficiencies.

Agile Product Go-to-Market Strategy


We help service providers capture the ideas that matter while delivering a framework for continuous improvement around product launches. From managing critical product trials to identifying enhancement opportunities and ensuring successful delivery, we can assist in developing data analytics for key product strategy insights, defining framework of best practices for future product launches, and much more.

Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Service Offerings

“Instant On” Internet

Customers view WiFi as an absolute necessity and waiting isn’t an option. Your advantage comes from being a first-mover and getting your product in front of customers at the point of decision. pureIntegration offers a proactive approach that blends pre-installed gateways with a suite of operational tools that streamline onboarding, billing, upselling, and servicing customers. Increase sales while reducing operational costs by capturing unserved communities before the competition.

    Bulk Product Strategy

    Bulk product strategies present additional revenue opportunities and maintain the cost of sales. However, any gap across customer experience, sales, or operations can send customers and revenue to the competition. pureIntegration analyzes and addresses any risk areas to ensure the end-to-end approach is optimized. Decrease OpEx and improve customer experience for existing customers while growing the sales pipeline.

      Common Area WiFi

      A sound design for MDU Common Area WiFi helps secure long-term sales. pureIntegration brings expertise in designing the product construct and operational processes. Our consultants can offer a holistic solution, from process design to the launching of branded captive portals and the management of network access. Incentivize MDUs to sign more provider contracts with the value-add of a reliable common area network.

        Smart Home & IoT Management

        MDU communities can differentiate themselves in the market with a property-wide smart home product. pureIntegration brings experience in leading the implementation of this new offering aimed at both residents and property managers, which represent an underserved portion of the IoT market. Meeting the demand for smart solutions enables you to generate more revenue by increasing the value of your existing internet product set.

          CRM Design & Integrations

          Customer relationship software enables your sales team to prioritize the activities that matter, resulting in more closed deals and improved customer support. Whether you’re implementing a new CRM or migrating an existing one, pureIntegration can configure and customize the software to your specifications and needs. Improve visibility for sales and executive management while streamlining customer support operations.

            Ready to Reduce the MDU Customer Experience Gap?

            We can help you accelerate your go-to-market strategies by delivering a state-of-the-art experience that appeals to both property managers and residents.

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            Map Your Route To Digital Business Transformation. Download our brochure to learn how we can help revolutionize your business. Download Now.
            Map Your Route To Digital Business Transformation. Download our brochure to learn how we can help revolutionize your business. Download Now.