Smart City/Campus

Networks and applications tailored to the unique needs of interconnected cities and campus environments.

Mobile & Cloud

Solution development and systems integration of applications that connect seamlessly to multiple IoT platforms and solutions.

IoT as a Service

Turn-key network services for operators to enable hybrid long-range low power, cellular, and broadband IoT connectivity.

Intelligent Analytics

Create extraordinary value from IoT data to predict customer needs, prescribe remedies, and prevent issues before they occur.

Prototypes and POCs

Accelerate time to market with rapid prototype development and product on-boarding to implement end-to-end sensor, gateway, and cloud environments.


Security Vulnerabilities

Identify unique IoT security threats compounded by rapidly growing attack surfaces and interoperability challenges.

Rapid Prototypes of LPWAN

First-ever LoRaWAN + RDK Device

One of the world’s leading communications and media companies is embarking on smart city solutions for its customers. The communications giant chose the Semtech LoRaWAN technology and turned to pureIntegration to accelerate their aggressive schedule for this extremely important and complex project. pureIntegration was chosen for our recognized expertise in implementing comprehensive Internet of Things connected solutions enabling Smart City capabilities.

We offer deep IoT networking, device, application, and analytics capabilities while partnering with communications clients. This client asked pureIntegration to quickly prove LPWAN integrated into existing gateway devices to support high density smart city deployments. The solution was the “first ever” implementation of LoRaWAN on RDK-B, the platform used by leading communications companies. Our joint team was able to solve the physical interface and port the new radio packet forwarder to the software platform where no others had succeeded. A historic accomplishment.

Measured Client Satisfaction