Not another visit from the cable guy

Our client had a challenge. Customers were not getting the timely service they expected. Technicians were not given the tools they needed. And day-of-job support agents were frustrated with the excess of calls and lack of visibility into the Technician’s day. Born from this confluence of challenges was a solution – the creation of a unified mobile app to reduce chaos, increase self-sufficiency, and optimize customer interactions. We began by completing hands-on research of spending days on trucks and in homes with technicians, sitting with support agents, and talking with leadership to understand the processes and priorities. Based on this knowledge base, an app was then designed to pull together all the tools and data the front-line needed to efficiently service the customer and communicate amongst each other, improving the experience for all involved.

Now what?

So, the client had a problem and the solution was identified. Now for the easy part, right? Not quite! Challenges were abound – competing stakeholders, shifting priorities, and the risk of lack of buy-in from the end users. Launching this tool was going to take a holistic program management approach. This is where pureIntegration comes in. Due to our extensive experience in the areas of Field Ops and Customer Care operations, along with successfully integrating and launching complex software solutions, we were brought onto the project to optimize the program and oversee the pilot and national launch.

This was a fully Agile development project, which facilitated our responsiveness to the needs of the stakeholders and end users, since the priorities could be adjusted every three weeks based on our learnings. We set up a change control process for new requests flowing in from around the company and continually reviewed and updated prioritization with the stakeholders. We launched a beta pilot in each of the three divisions, training and on-boarding 120 technicians and working collaboratively with them to ensure their feedback was heard. This required a lot of days out in the field but it was worth it to make sure the implementation met their needs!


As we neared launch readiness, the key stakeholders from each market were convened in all-day workshops to obtain buy-in and train-the-trainers on how to use the app. By creating local champions and empowering them to on-board the end users, we were able to quickly scale up and position the project for an efficient roll-out across the entire footprint. In just 8 months, we successfully piloted the app across the nation, implemented over 200 enhancements, deployed 39 releases, launched the app to over 700 users and positioned the business to support another 20,000 in the next 3 months! Key to this success was a concerted effort to build the tool to the needs of the business and end users, driven by a focused change management approach.