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Energy & Utilities


Delight Customers While Driving Operational Efficiencies

The market demands rapid response and innovation to meet customer needs, particularly given the increasing expectations from customers to switch to organizations that provide a responsive and personalized level of service.

pureIntegration builds customer loyalty by:

  • Providing insight into opportunities and risk with digitizing customer relationships
  • Integrating operations to provide effective, consistent interactions
  • Decreasing operational costs and streamlining interactions

Accurate, Continuous Intelligence Will Fuel the Future

Experts report that nearly every system upgrade made by utilities toward the grid of the future adds 10 to 20 terabytes (1012) of data volume to their data management requirements. Real-time data management is integral to effective data ingestion and manipulation on the path to yield intelligent results.

pureIntegration approaches our client’s data from the ground up:

  • Rapidly identifying needed improvements in business intelligence accuracy and completeness
  • Tackling data hygiene and performing data integrity audits
  • Applying AI and ML methodologies to deliver valuable insights in real time

Build an Effective Foundation Through Systems Integration

Energy and utility companies must make a shift from the traditional market to a market with rapidly innovating competitors, high service-level expectations, and scrutiny on financial results. Mergers and acquisitions support growth goals, but only if the diverse technology footprint integrates successfully. Competitive success relies on modernizing enterprise IT systems as a critical requirement for the future.

pureIntegration is a proven business and systems integrator:

  • Solution architecture, design and deployment services
  • Data interfacing/exchange, messaging and EDI solutions
  • Mobile, Web and Enterprise Software Development and Engineering
  • IT Operations and IT Service Management
  • Testing and Test Automation
  • Ongoing Technology Support, Maintenance, and Managed Services

Drive Change with Intelligent Automation

The transformation of the energy and utility industry requires a substantial change in the way business is done. Automation and artificial intelligence are pivotal technologies to employ in managing the balance between demand and supply, boosting efficiencies in the entirety of the value chain, innovating the customer experience, and evolving business models.

pureIntegration’s decade of process automation experience serves a robust foundation to this evolving field of practice, a convergence of RPA, ML, AI, and Cognitive Computing known as Intelligent Automation (IA).

pureIntegration is your trusted IA partner for:

  • Identifying the most impactful use cases
  • Optimizing workflow design
  • Building end-to-end automated processes
  • Driving business results

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Map Your Route To Digital Business Transformation. Download our brochure to learn how we can help revolutionize your business. Download Now.
Map Your Route To Digital Business Transformation. Download our brochure to learn how we can help revolutionize your business. Download Now.