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Digitally Evolving Credit Unions: Key Business Cases for Change

A webinar series from pureIntegration

Technology Optimization Assessment

Obtain a baseline understanding of how your technology infrastructure supports your mission and strategic goals and where there are opportunities for quick wins.

  • Remove needless manual workarounds and upkeep created by a patchwork approach to technology alignment.
  • Integrate silos of important data to improve the member experience and to make cross-organizational analysis more effective.
  • Identify aging or redundant systems to avoid lost data, disconnection with member needs, and inefficient processes.

Launch Customized Offerings Through Data Mining

Create customized offerings with an improved ability to mine, understand, and catalog the rich member data you already have.

  • Increase member lifetime engagement by removing barriers to proactive, customized financial products for key life events.
  • Provide valuable options proactively from analyzing your databases for customer needs.
  • Innovate in ways that help your members and position your credit union against other financial providers.

Accelerate Growth with Actionable Business Intelligence

Build a systematic approach to analysis and metrics that help you understand your performance against your key drivers. 

  • Move away from data overload and toward clarity in operational performance and member needs.
  • Strengthen a culture of data-driven strategic decision-making.
  • Achieve greater understanding of the impact of your strategic plan.
  • Develop key analytical tools for each department and branch of your banking institution.

Enhanced Omni-Channel Member Experience

Respond more proactively and efficiently to members while improving how your operations perform by leveraging the power of systems integration. 

  • Create consistency across all departments, so member expectations are realized seamlessly.
  • Empower members to access products and services conveniently.
  • Free employees from time-consuming manual tasks so they can focus more of their time on serving members who wish for personalized service or assistance.
  • Create opportunities to delight members with innovative products and services.

Examine Member Experience Journeys for Gap Analysis

Streamline the journey a member takes as they interact with your institution.

  • Identify gaps between member experiences and expectations.
  • Evolve external communications and internal operations.
  • Resolve missed handoffs or experience letdowns as the member interacts with different departments.
  • Address the digital demands of a changing demographic base.
  • Add more proactive service and upsell opportunities through improved understanding of members’ needs.

Gain Operational Efficiencies Through Process Automation

Optimize your processes to ensure they match what’s needed by staff and your members.

  • Identify where slowdowns occur internally for improved overall operating efficiency and employee satisfaction.
  • Unify your databases to make it easier for the institution to assess risk even as a member interacts with multiple units.
  • Eliminate roadblocks or other annoyances that prevent members from finalizing a transaction or rating you highly.

Ready to Transform Member Experience to Drive Growth?

We can help you make full use of your current technology investments and strategically implement new tools to successfully compete in the marketplace.

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Map Your Route To Digital Business Transformation. Download our brochure to learn how we can help revolutionize your business. Download Now.
Map Your Route To Digital Business Transformation. Download our brochure to learn how we can help revolutionize your business. Download Now.