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Customer Experience for OTT


Outperform Your Competition & Secure Your Customer Base

In the increasingly competitive space of Direct-to-Consumer OTT Services, the consumer has the power of choice. And, while you may engage them during a trial, many customers are lost during a pivotal point of the customer journey: Customer Onboarding.

pureIntegration works with your team to ensure that all the effort put into attracting the customer in the first place not only doesn’t go to waste, but also creates a loyal customer. At this point in their customer journey, it’s important to facilitate the initial exposure to your service offering, establish a pattern of usage, and showcase the unique differences of your service that make it indispensable.

“Ace” the Critical First 10 Days of Customer Onboarding

Drive more awareness and digital engagement through a tailored and interactive welcome experience for new customers and changes to service.

Multi-Channel Engagement Solutions

1:1 Personalization Experiences at Scale

Customer Service & Technical Support

Unleash Customer Experience Benefits

pureIntegration focuses on Audience Engagement and Customer Service/Technical Troubleshooting to deliver a thoughtful, quality Customer Experience.

By taking an integrated approach, driven by data, our goal is to increase Retention metrics, for an increase in Customer Satisfaction, Subscriptions, and Revenue. pureIntegration brings proven expertise in multi-channel engagement solutions, personalization experiences at scale, and customer service & technical support:

CX for OTT

Multi-Channel Engagement Solutions

  • Leverage multi-channel solutions throughout the Onboarding experience to solve common challenges.
  • Apply personalization throughout the OTT service, including mobile and within all permission-based engagement methods (SMS, email, in-app, web notifications, TV alerts)
  • Improve decision-making with Subscriber Intelligence and Data-Informed Marketing and Engagement
  • Optimize Customer Support by designing in automation and machine learning to address issues.

1:1 Personalization Experiences at Scale Marketing

  • Integrate SMS and mobile to open a scalable channel to engage your audience with personalized, one-to-one communications.
  • Enable fan involvement by delivering personalized, dynamic content within SMS.
  • Build outreach and community by enriching your audience with content and social media links providing information about their shows, events, news, promotions, and more.

    Customer Service & Technical Support

    • Build better experiences with proactive notifications about newly added features.
    • Drive the digital relationship and encourage profile completion, app downloads, tutorials, and helpful links.
    • Assist customers with digital account setup for ease of use and streamlined accounting operations.
    • Ensure lower risk of downgrades/ disconnects and improve Net Promoter Score by integrating omni-channel communications with relevant content info and offers.

    New Customer Pathways to Improve Loyalty

    Lean on our experience in improving CX for OTT, and enjoy the same benefits of our other customers:


    Developed 20 different customer journeys and experiences for leading MVPD to better service and engage on critical features and updates.


    Established personalized engagement and cadence for the first 10 days of the new service or upgrade experience.


    Built multi-channel communications including a personalized, TCPA-compliant, mobile SMS experience as part of the onboarding process.


    Drove a 49% increase in click rates of SMS in the first 60 days, which translated to 300 net new conversions per day (from 1 journey) and over 100,000 net new for the year (to date).

    Our Approach to Engage Consumers on the CX Cycle

    Discovery: ALIGN & DEFINE

    Our efficient and results-focused discovery process balances speed and quality to gather all the needed information before we deliver recommendations.

    Map the Journey

    In this phase of our partnership with your team, we work to define the desired customer journey map that gets at the heart of the journey from your customer’s point of view.

    Integrate & Activate

    While CX is a human-centered endeavor, the underlying infrastructure is critical to support ongoing digital transformations. In this stage, we take a holistic review of your technology base.

    Monitor & Optimize

    The final stage is to build in continuous improvement for long-term success. In this phase, we work with your team so that there is an ongoing CX roadmap.

    Ready to Drive OTT Growth?

    We can help you transform your customer experience.

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    Map Your Route To Digital Business Transformation. Download our brochure to learn how we can help revolutionize your business. Download Now.
    Map Your Route To Digital Business Transformation. Download our brochure to learn how we can help revolutionize your business. Download Now.